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David Lombardo, antique dealer and antiquarian with a broad assemblage of quality antiques, collectables, memorabilia for every lifestyle. He is also a qualified art historian, antiquarian and restoration architect and is involved in interior and garden design, both by profession and inclination.

The following points are relevant; he has a passion for research, teaching and collecting. The history and development of fashions. He has also restored a number of historically important buildings, giving them both a new function and a lease of life. He now runs the firm of “Lifestyle antiques forum and collectables”, with a very dedicated and enthusiastic “crew” of assistants and specialists.

Past and present meet and also co-habit quite comfortably today, in an art deco apartment block in the city of Amsterdam’s southern fringe and built in the 1930’s.
A once dilapidated and unfashionable apartment block, is now restored and much sought after.


The collection
The present collection is meant to enrich and encompass the “everyday” aspects of lifestyle and living in our present, and often hectic world. All of our antique or collectable artifacts, are carefully chosen in order to give added value and colour to that very precious cultural commodity of well being called life; or simply “lifestyle and living”.

This in turn also means enjoying good quality historical and useful objects, which give us pleasure by investing a sparkle into our lives. This might be at home or at work, be it in the shape of a modern glass desk design, or a gilt late 18th century Georgian antique mirror.

Whatever the artifact and the period be it; modern design, art deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian. We are well tailored to fit all tastes and needs of our clients, and we also accept search commissions..

The firm is dedicated to the use and promotion of quality, aesthetically pleasing and useful antiques, designer collectables or memorabilia. Many of these artifacts have a particular cultural and historical connection to the past. Some good examples are; the Chinese collectables from the 1752 wreck of the cargo ship; the Geldermalsen, right down to the more modern design Art Deco period of the 20’s and 30’s.

We wish to highlight the memorabilia, antiques, collectables of which many people enjoy and derive pleasure from. It is the interaction of people with those objects with which we surround ourselves in our own particular individual environments, which is so important. It is these very artifacts, which should all greatly add to those very special and necessary quality moments, in our daily lives. This is also emphasized by our articles concerning antiques, real estate and advice concerning the upkeep and valuations of objects. We also, provide cookery forum and food or dinks recipes and other items concerning design, general lifestyle topics which also appear on this site .

It is the use of antiques and collectables in the home, garden or office which creates a subtle diversity including a fine sense of balance and well being. All of this, constitutes part of a highly enriched and modern dynamic lifestyle.

The blending of antique and historic objects and styles, together with modern design give a much wider range to the concept of lifestyle and living. This type of lifestyle and living, obviously may appear somewhat exclusive, and may possibly only interest certain people. Perhaps those people, who very much enjoy living in the present, but in addition are very conscious of the past and who are also gazing towards the brio of future horizons.

Therefore take a journey, ranging from the raving madness of the roaring 20’s Art Deco Period, and travel backwards to the ages of Revolution and Discovery.

Explore how the other, “ Newer Worlds ” which for centuries lived outside of each other; such as Europe, the America’s or the spicy and exotically perfumed Far Orient and how they all interacted.

Here is an example of how the East and West interacted and how the world changed forever;

The London Gazette of 1680.
The advertisement for the then, latest fashion craze to hit Europe; something called Tea.

In Europe as in the East, drinking tea became an everyday habit, even when on a train, or Zeppelin journey across many continents.

From; “The Golden age of Travel”.
To journey in both style and comfort, an art deco tea service for the “Mitropa” passenger train restaurant cars.

The Mitropa company, was a European long distance train service, similar to both Wagon Lits and Orient Express.

What ease of travel and the conquering of space are for us today, for those in the past, it was not always so evident ; nor to other far flung peoples and cultures.

For the such were different pieces of the worlds jig saw puzzles for all humans, but a few centuries ago.

Take for example; A map of New Holland, or Australia and parts of the Far East in 1697.
Note, that in 1697 most of Australia (New Holland) is still undiscovered and Asia is  still all a bit vague.

People, timescales and ways of travelling keep on changing, as do our views of each other and the world as a whole.

Today; the earth as seen from the moon, taken back during the last century in 1968.

But no matter how good we are at Cartography, or the drawing pictures and maps; in some respects we are still in the dark about different aspects of both the world and our own universe.

This is why historical objects will always form important and tangible links, from each epoch of our history.

Such objects bridge the gaps between religion, culture and countries.

Many items will not only have their own inner private secrets, but can also have a remarkable story to tell about our own world and the people who live in it.

Lifestyle antiques forum and collectables also participate in art fairs. The team delivers lectures and participates through various other channels; such as publishing articles on antiques. Over and above this, they also participate in appraisals and valuation of antiques, the purchase and sales of antiques and advice concerning the care, and restoring of antiques collectable or memorabilia. Our attention to giving advice or details and services to clientele, are of utmost importance to our staff.

Architectural restoration and interior and garden design are another department of the firm. Also of great importance and interest is our architectural expertise and an advisory role for clients and other interested parties.

Lifestyle antiques forum and collectables.

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