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General comments and Guarantees regarding the condition of the goods.

General comments

Given that one is speaking of objects which are commonly referred to as antiques, one should also be aware of the fact that the condition of any object can greatly affect both the desirability, and value of the item. It is also a fact of history, that very few objects have survived the passage of time totally unscathed.

For a starter in the field of collecting or purchasing antiques, this can be somewhat confusing and at times perhaps even frustrating.

For a purist collector of Delftware, any 18th century objects without any scratches, chips and nibbles, will undoubtedly cause alarm bells to ring with regard to provenance and authenticity.

Normal wear and tear on antiques, is deemed to be regarded as being customary and also part of the integrity of that particular object.

The splendor of antiques is in part due to the development of “Patina” and normal wear, all of which creates the character of the individual objects. One should therefore appreciate the lifespan of history which becomes ingrained in an object, such as the normal wear and tear on the gilding, or any small chips or flakes on the object.

We are very careful to record with both good photographs and written descriptions of all of the items, which are on sale. Additional documentation is always available upon request, by any interested clients. To our best knowledge and ability we wish to render to all our customers, the true state of the condition regarding each object within the various portfolios. Any objects which have been subject to whatever restorations , or undue repairs and which we are aware of, will be also be clearly stated in the condition report.

Guaranties and originality of the goods

We are aware fully that our first time customers, might be somewhat concerned about buying objects which are without question, that which we present them to be.

We therefore fully guarantee the objects which we sell, and also the age and originality thereof. Should any object be proven not to fit the pertinent description of that particular article, and can also be verified as not to be authentic, then the customer will receive a full refund once exactly the same purchased object(s), is safely returned to us, in the same condition as when shipped to the customer. We accept by return no forgeries, replacements, altered items, or any other such commodity other than the original, which was originally shipped out to the customer. We also follow the CITES guidelines regarding endangered spieces. Thefore, we do not trade, sell, broker or have any dealings with the traffic in endangered spieces, as laid down in CITES convention.

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