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A labyrinth at home

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Interior design
When combining both modern and period objects will need some careful thought, in order to avoid any unpleasant clashes and financial depreciation of the items.

Broadly speaking when furnishing a property, there need be no real aesthetic conflict or exclusion, between a modern Scandinavian chair, or even a Dutch designed Rietveld chair of the 1920’s which is placed next to an English Carlton House Desk from the 1790’s.

It is not only a question of having many years of training and experience, which is absolutely necessary in order to find the right balance, between the different objects and their immediate surroundings.

In our view, it is also a matter of our own commitment and attitude in order to achieve optimal results for our customer’s, that perhaps is the greatest factor involved.

We are always looking for the best possible match between acquisition of the physical objects, and the customer’s own needs and wishes.
These factors are then translated into the best choice of object, including the form, function, price and ultimately, as an expression of the customer’s own desired lifestyle.

If you have any questions regarding acquiring antiques or face any problems in matching the old with the new, then please do contact us for advice. 

We can also provide an Interior design and garden service for customers who may wish to refurbish a property. This also includes anyone who may have any questions, or any uncertainties regarding the acquisition of an antique object, for use either inside or outdoors.

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