How to order the items

1. To order, just click on the button next to the object on the current collection page and you will be carefully guided through the very few steps needed to place an order.

2. Unless specifically asked by us by mail, Please DO NOT send any payments or any personal or banking information.

3. You will be contacted by us ASAP, in order to confirm the order and make the final arrangements.

4. Shipping and customs will be provided by us. Note; we normally bear such costs ourselves, within normal limits. However, in case of either unusual, or exceptional shipments we would ask the cusomer for a joint share of the costs. In such situations, we of course would advise the client and do nothing without the customers prior consent.

5. The item code and price of the object which you wish to purchase is clearly listed, next to the object on the current collection page. By folowing the steps on the "current collection" page you will be gently guided along, step by step.

6. Please note;  If you are at all unsure about buying any object, then you can easily cancel the order at any point in the procedure. 

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