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Mapping the journey from East to West

Mapping the journey from East to West

Rightly or wrongly, we thought that visitors to the site, may find it more interesting to travel backwards through time.
All of the pages and items on the web pages, start with modern times.

As one journeys backwards; older objects appear gradually as if milestones of human endeavour appear, to mark the passing of the centuries.

In fact, it’s not unlike quickly thumbing backwards through a book, as it were.

For example in the furniture section, if one takes take a modern chair of the 1970’s, then as one travels backwards in time on the site, it may lead you to an Art Deco chair or other objects of the 1920’s.

Still moving a few clicks backwards in time, you may encounter an Art Nouveau or Edwardian object. Continuing travelling on backwards even further, leads one into the smoky twighlight of the Victorian, Beidermeir, Regency and Georgian periods - and so on.

Please click on the photo to get an enlarged view of the various objects, and also click on the texts saying “click here”,  right next to the photo’s in order to get the advanced description of the object.

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